American for Veterans Foundation Team Members

Ron Fryer
Ron FryerFounding Patron
Ron Fryer is the founder of America for Veterans Foundation who helps homeless or struggling (jobless)? veterans to transition back into society by providing them with stable, safe , and secure housing during their recovery programs.
Before starting this foundation, Ron owned several successful, small businesses. For the past fifteen years, he has volunteered in veteran’s organizations, raised funds for veterans, worked at numerous Standdowns for veterans (distribution of food, clothing, toiletries and services), helped organize the Veterans Assistance Center in Vancouver, Washington, and served on its board. He is a member of 40et8, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), the Masons, and the Shriners. As a Vietnam veteran, Ron understands the needs of veterans. Money, resources, and services for veterans are very limited. Ron is committed to providing safe housing and resources for our veterans, who have protected the freedoms we enjoy.