The Vision of
Veterans Village
A Community of Heroes

There is an estimated thousand’s of Homeless Veterans sleeping under bridges, on streets and in empty lots in a variety of makeshift shelters, in Clark County, Washington.

There is a quest to provide more safe housing for those without a permanent address. Thinking beyond typical dorm-style shelters, America for Veterans Foundation has launched its own task force to assess the viability of using micro homes made with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). SIPs are more than 60% more energy efficient, 300 times stronger, straighter, and greener than typical building.

We are putting the Vancouver, WA Veterans Village at 5118 N.E. St. James Rd. in Vancouver, WA. This will serve as a model for future villages throughout the Northwest in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

We are starting with Women Veterans in all 18 homes, because their need is greater at this time. The idea is to establish the gated micro community where we can offer people safety with 24/7 security of the gated community. Because the micro houses offer dwellers with more privacy than big shelters, they may appeal more to women veterans that have had many problems at other homeless shelters and problems with dorm style living.

With the help of all the Veterans organizations we network with we will help our veterans get all the benefits they were promised and help them transition back into a new life.


Let’s Move Our Veterans Off The Streets…

Veterans are heroes – no matter what happened while they served. They gave up a portion of their lives and are often dealing with the consequences for the rest of their lives. They fought for the freedom and rights that we all enjoy. As a society we owe them way more than they are receiving. 

Veterans Village is a plan to get homeless veterans off the streets and into a safe environment so they can get the help needed to move beyond whatever haunts them. It will provide them what they need to become successful, functioning members of society again. The needs might be time to heal, access to other social programs, access to mental and health care, access to treatment for addiction, or just access to caring people that can relate to their problems.

Our Philosophy and Values

Ethical: Do the right thing

  • Act with honesty and integrity

  • Be open and fair

  • Keep our commitments

  • Earn people’s trust

Respectful: Treat others positively

  • Listen attentively

  • Communicate clearly and candidly

  • Engage others, seek feedback, and collaborate

  • Contribute individually

High Performing: Deliver results

  • Set goals and achieve them

  • Learn and improve to support our community

  • Think creatively and strategically

  • Actively pursue and create opportunities


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.