Veteran Village is funded through the America for Veterans Foundation. This foundation is funded 100% through community donations. The Veteran Village, once developed, will provide free housing to homeless veterans while they are in a program to get their lives back on track.  It is a hand up, not a hand out. Please click the Donate Now button below to make your donation.

Vehicle Donation to America for Veterans Foundation

Donate your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, RV, Golf Cart, ATV, and more to America for Veterans Foundation! Pickup and towing is FREE! Plus, you’ll receive a top tax deduction! We handle all the paperwork and your vehicle donation will help transform the lives of our veterans. To donate your vehicle, call (855) 944-3592 or click on the Donate button below!


Here are some things that we need for

Veterans Village:

In Kind donation would be great.
Site cleanup; removing branches and debris, chipping, stump grinding, trimming along fences, hauling.
Infrastructure; Sewer, water, electric run underground
Civil Engineer to make site plans
General contractor
Project manager
Concrete, asphalt,
Fundraising help
Monetary Donations
Donations of cars, trucks, motorhomes, boats.
Do you Have something that could help?  Call!

Donations made to American for Veterans Foundation will be used 100% for the Veterans Village project. We need to get building permits, building supplies, and professional contractors to do the work to make this necessity a reality.

7​12 NE 130th St.

Vancouver, WA 98685

360-608-4443 cell/text