Veterans Village

Veterans Village Housing

Housing For Homeless Vets

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Veterans Village

Housing for Homeless Veterans

Veterans Village, Vancouver WADesigned to give homeless Veterans greater privacy and independence than traditional shelters.

Here’s how we are different:

Houses on Foundations: real addresses, can receive aid like food stamps, can have employment, mail, etc.

Lockable Doors: Reduces stress, able to store their belongings, keeps intruders out.

No Time Limits: As long as the resident is active in their recovery program, they can stay in the home. They will not be asked to leave after 30-60 days.

Our Mission

We have a Solution…

Imagine you are serving in the military and living for weeks at a time in foxholes, trenches, behind trees and boulders, with only dehydrated food and river water available. You sleep with one eye open constantly worried that the enemy will ambush during the night. You have seen things, heard things, and were involved in terrible things that haunt you when you do fall asleep.

You come home and find that you cannot assimilate into society anymore. You have nightmares and are always looking over your shoulder waiting for that ambush. You have a hard time holding down a job and you cant find any help.

Veterans Village is a safe place to get housing, find the services you need for recovery, and a great place to find your new “normal”.

Plans for the Veterans Village

We are in the planning and permitting stages.

Here are some artist renditions of the upcoming Veterans Village.

Veterans Village Housing
Veterans Village Housing
Veterans Village Housing
Veterans Village Housing Floor Plan

We are looking for donations to fund the permits for the Veterans Village. All donations will go directly to the project for either permitting or materials to build the housing units.


Veterans Village: A community of Heros!
We are looking for numerous Volunteers to get this project going. We are also looking for Donations to help pay for the materials.